About me

IMG_1034Alex is a husband, son, brother, employee, student, amateur writer, master of none, and an all around decent human being (so he says…).

He enjoys making people uncomfortable with inappropriate humor and taboo subjects.

He lives outside of Hartford, CT with his wife Charline (he got lucky because Charline is better looking than him and they both know it).


Alex is a long-time employee of the behavioral health industry, currently working for an EAP (employee assistance program). He holds an A.S. degree in Social Service from Manchester Community College and a B.S. in Human Services from Springfield College. He literally has a degree in serving humans, so you know he’s humble. And he is working on an MSW at Westfield State University which should be completed the spring of 2020 (he wishes he could do it faster but he can’t).

Alex is also a Christian (but not a very good one). He’s currently unchurched and leans left politically so he’s basically a heretic. IMG_1203


This is a picture of Alex. This selfie was artfully taken with a dirt road in the distance meant to symbolize journeys or some other poetic garbage. He is also looking away from the camera in a way that’s supposed to make him seem thoughtful, introspective, and intelligent (it didn’t work).


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