Why Christian?

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Jesus, whether people believe he was real, myth, or real but only human, was a social advocate who spoke against the empirical power structures of Rome and the institutionalized power structures of the Pharisaic Jews. He was scapegoated as divisive because instead of buying into the fight for power and dominance he taught a message about the meek inheriting the earth. And he lived this message. My faith has changed so much to the point where I often wonder if it’s worth still calling myself a Christian. I’ve gone through the gamut of emotion from losing many of my beliefs and the regret of realizing the harm they caused, harm that I was complicit in for so many years. It would be just as easy to call myself a secular humanist but the message of Jesus still inspires me. It still gives me hope. If Christianity can return to this simple message of faith, love, and care for our neighbors then there may be hope for it too.

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